IT Solutions

Information Technology Professionals, a Life Smile group enterprise is the top global IT and ITes company in providing a wide range of the best information technology solutions and services from India.

Outsourcing or off shoring of the information technology solutions to India based Info Tech Professionals is the process of contracting out a business or individual information technology services and solutions process including data management solutions, data conversion solutions, office support and business support solutions consultancy for Information technology solutions, documents and book conversion, graphic designing, software development solutions, catalogue designing and processing, web portals / websites designing and development, search engine optimization and other outsourced information technology services and solutions.

Info Tech Professionals provides outsourcing information technology based solutions to individuals, independent professionals, consultants, small business, medium – middle level business, industries, organizations and large business. Outsourcing the non-core Information technology based solutions and service functions to Professional Info tech helps the businesses and individuals to perform well in their core competencies and mitigate shortage of skill or expertise in the areas where they want to outsource offering affordable service and IT solution costs, greater budget flexibility and financial control.

Outsourcing Info Tech solutions to Info tech Professional lets organizations pay for only the IT services and solutions they need and whenever they need them, reducing the need to hire and train specialized Information technology management staff, bringing in fresh IT expertise, advanced technology and reducing capital and operating expenses.

Info Tech Professionals offers information technology Solutions in following processes :

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